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Update on Alice Bloyd and her garden plot

Jane Lehrman
Silver and Sage coordinator

Alice Bloyd, featured in the June issue of Silver and Sage, had just started her community garden plot at the time of her interview.

“Of all things, I got sick that day and was in the hospital for a while,” she said.

“The other community gardeners took care of my garden, weeding and watering while I was recovering.

“I had the garden covered at first with a special white cloth from the hardware store so the birds couldn’t get to it – sort of a hot house. When I got well enough to tend to my garden I took the cloth off.

“I am so pleased with my garden. I’ve had beets and beet greens, big, sweet radishes, cucumbers on one large plant, and my two great big eggplants are fantastic. They taste so good. My tomatoes are not red yet, but the bell peppers are growing well, and the jalapeño plant is just loaded.

“We’ve eaten lots of carrots, but my leeks are still too small. I can’t seem to thin them. I planted seeds and they came up like little hairs.

Bloyd advised with a smile, “Water every day faithfully. That is the secret. I put a little Miracle Grow on at first but then left the soil alone. I love my garden.”