Vaccinate Before You Graduate: Immunizations are a lifelong practice |

Vaccinate Before You Graduate: Immunizations are a lifelong practice

Northern Nevada Immunization Coalition

As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter and warmer, parents, school children and teens are gearing up for summer. However, just as quickly as the summer months come, the summer months go and it’s time for back-to-school, traveling or a new career path. Whether kids are heading into their freshmen year of college, traveling abroad or starting a 40-hour work week, the “to-do” lists never seem to get any smaller – until now.

The “Vaccinate Before You Graduate” program, put on by the Northern Nevada Immunization Coalition, targets teens and young adults who are opening up another chapter in their lives.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended immunization schedule, many employers, schools and colleges in the US require teens to be up-to-date with all immunizations before enrolling in school or starting a new job. As a parent of a teenager, you can actively protect your children with a tool often taken for granted – immunizations.

“Unfortunately, many people think that because they were vaccinated as a child, they don’t need additional immunizations and that’s far from the truth,” said Heidi Hurst, director of the Northern Nevada Immunization Coalition. “Recent outbreaks of pertussis (often referred to as “whooping cough”), meningitis and measles have been identified across the country throughout all age groups, and as teens hit different stages in their life they need booster shots. These diseases are highly contagious, especially for those who haven’t yet been fully vaccinated, have close contact with others, or have chronic medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes.”

The “Vaccinate Before You Graduate” program offers vaccination resources for parents and teens.

By visiting , you will receive a full list of immunizations that are available for you and your family, local clinics that offer these vaccinations, and information for resources and programs that provide low-cost immunizations.

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