VIDEO: Police: Motorcycle theft ends in fatal wreck |

VIDEO: Police: Motorcycle theft ends in fatal wreck

F.T. Norton

A suspected motorcycle thief was killed fleeing police early this morning when he slammed into a church at John and Stewart streets, officials said.

Deputy S. Olson said he was patrolling Carson Street about 1:30 a.m. when he spotted the unidentified, unhelmeted man on a motorcycle in the parking of The Brake Team.

Olson said the motorcycle crossed Carson Street onto Colorado, then made a left on Roop Street.

The deputy said he turned on his lights to pull over the bike, and initially the man appeared as if he was going to stop in the post office parking lot, but then the man drove through the lot and took off on Little Lane.

Olson said he estimated the motorcycle’s speed at at least 100 mph.

“He doubled my speed,” said the deputy.

Olson said he was only able to call in a location on the motorcycle by seeing the tail lights and stop lights about two blocks in front of him.

Another deputy, Jimmy Surratt, said he was waiting at Highway 50 East and Stewart Street when the motorcycle blazed past him.

“Olson was no where in sight,” Surratt said.

The man then apparently ran into the curb then hit the church, which is where Stewart Street ends. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department was called out to act as coroner and the Nevada Highway Patrol is handling the accident investigation.

Sgt. Brian Humphrey said because of the location where Olson first saw the motorcyclist, Michael’s Cycle’s on Carson Street was checked and it was discovered that a burglary had occurred. He said there was evidence in the lot that a motorcycle crate had been emptied.

Humphrey said some assembly was required before the motorcycle could be ridden and the owner of the motorcycle shop said it would take at least an hour, and two people to get it out of the crate and assembled.

Police were unable to find any identification on the victim, though they did recover a hacksaw and pliers from a backpack the man was wearing.

Anyone with information is asked to call 887-2020 ext. 41405.