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View from the Past

100 Years ago

A Three Million Deal — L. A. Friedman Buys Large Holdings on Rochester Vein, 600 tom mill. The Lovelock Review- Miner says: This week saw the completion of the biggest mining deal in the history of Northern and Eastern Nevada, in which seventy-one claims owned by fifty-four individuals compromising all of the rich territory of the Rochester mining mines company and the Nevada Packard mines, were transferred to the ownership of L. A. Friedman, one of the best known mining men in the west.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday February 3, 1917.

May be Water Shortage in Carson Valley — Several farmers are beginning to get worried over the prospects of a water shortage next summer. To date the snowfall in the mountains is far below the average and unless heavy storms come during February, a shortage of water for irrigation will result.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday February 3, 1917.

75 Years Ago

Men 20 to 45 to Register on February 16 — Officials named to carry out provisions of act in this county, emphasizing that the selective service registration on February 16 will complete the registration of America’s potential military manpower. Jay H. White, state director of the selective service, this week pointed out that it affects every male resident in Nevada between the military ages of 20 and 45 years, with a few exceptions made by congress.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday February 7, 1942.

Nation Goes on “War Time” Monday — This community, along with the rest of the nation will go on “war time” next Monday, February 9, when the clocks will be set ahead one hour for the duration of the war, to make use of daylight and save electrical current for necessary production.

The Fallon Eagle — Saturday February 7, 1942.

Alien Identification Cards sought by 32 — Thirty-two aliens of enemy nationality had applied for identification cards here yesterday morning under the presidential proclamation calling upon all such persons to apply for cards to which are to be attached photographs of the aliens.

The Fallon Eagle — Saturday February 7, 1942.

50 Years ago

Fallon to Meet Elko — This weekend the Fallon Greenwave will make an overnight to Elko to play the southern Nevada AA conference leaders, the Elko Indians. Elko is leading the whole state AA conference in statistics; percentage of field goals, most rebounds, ect. But Fallon is in first place in their conference, with no conference losses and two seasonal losses. Since Fallon is in the Northern Nevada conference this will not be a conference game but since both teams are leading their conferences and are both AA teams these should prove to be very good, close games.

Fallon Eagle-Standard- Friday, February 3, 1967.

PTA Hears Address About Value of Kindergarten — professor Marline A. Butorac of the University of Reno, addressed the regular meeting of the PTA at West end school on Thursday, Jan. 26th. The main topic of the meeting, and the address, was kindergartens. Professor Butorac asked what kindergarten really does for a child. She empathetically replied that it is dear to prepare him for the “sit-down” type of schooling he receives in the first grade.

Fallon Eagle-Standard- Friday, February 3, 1967.

View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Dwen Davis Churchill County Museum Assistant.