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View from the Past

100 Years ago

Horse Sense Buying a Tractor — Something of interest to all farmers in the Community. The light tractor may replace the horse in heavy grind of the farm work, just as the automobile has relived him from pounding over the roads to town to keep the family in groceries, is a proposition to which most farmers in this vicinity will agree.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, Feb. 17, 1917

Senator Keddies’ Trip — Pilots car from Carson to Sacramento in 42 hours’ southern route 22 days. The San Francisco Examiner recently carried out a scheme of sending a military defense car over the southern route with a message from Governor Johnson of California to Governor Boyle of Nevada, the object being to demonstrate that it is possible to have an all year route for autos between the two states.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, Feb. 17. 1917

75 years ago

School Children Thanked for Milk Sent to France — Oats Park news service. The American Junior Red Cross last year purchased powdered milk, which was sent to unoccupied France and distributed among the schoolchildren. The Oats Park and the West End schools contributed to this milk fund. This week Miss Laura Mills, local chairman of the Junior Red Cross, received several letters from the pupils of unoccupied schools in France.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, Feb. 21, 1941.

New Owners of Court Remodel — Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cannon of Reno, where they formerly owned the Thrift Shop and who are now the owners and operators of the Big Chief Auto Camp just west of Fallon, as reported in last week’s Eagle, have undertaken extensive remodeling of the court and renovation of all buildings. They are also constructing a new building for living quarters for themselves.

Fallon Eagle- Saturday, Feb. 21, 1941.

50 years ago

Fallon to Meet Carson City — The first half of the Fallon Greenwave basketball season ended with their defeat of the Elko Indians last Friday, and their first game of the second half was, of course, the game Saturday against Elko. Fallon’s first home game of the second half of the season will be this Friday night against the Carson City Senators. Fallon finished the first half of the season with 10 wins and only two losses, neither of which was a conference game, to finish in first place in the state in AA conference play. One of these losses was to AAA Sparks, who the Fallon five will play this Saturday in Sparks.

Fallon Eagle- Saturday, Feb. 10, 1967.

“Homestart” Program Not Part of School — Superintendent of schools Walter Olds has issued the following notice to parents: “It has been brought to the attention of local school officials that solicitations are occurring in this community for a so-called project, ‘Homestart’. This is not in any way to be confused with project Headstart, nor are any representations made on behalf of our local school district valid. “Neither the local school district, nor the State Department of Education, has any knowledge of any federal, state or local governmental program identified as “Homestart”.

Fallon Eagle- Saturday, Feb. 10, 1967.

View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Dwen Davis Churchill County Museum Assistant.