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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Selecting New Road — The county commissioners are devoting considerable attention and time to the selecting of a permanent rout for the highway between Fallon and Hazen. The rout which seems to meet with considerable favor follows close to the railroads from Mahala, keeping on the south side of the track until the seepage slough below the Swingle bench is reached, when it crosses to the north side. The prime object is to avoid the mud flats which are good in the summer but practically impassable during wet weather in winter.

Churchill County Eagle, April 14, 1917

75 Years Ago

Planes and Ducks — Some of the sportsmen who were most enthusiastic in their efforts to attract an airfield to the Minden area are now concerned over how the wild ducks and geese will welcome the immense bombing birds that may light near their swimming ponds. Certain it is, however, that visiting pilots seemingly trying to impress the ruralites of Churchill County are due for some sort of reprimand. Since Fallon has no police squad planes to run down reckless air drivers, a few official complains to headquarters of army trainees may bring results.

The Fallon Standard, April 8, 1942

Tooth Paste and Shaving Cream Tubes in Demand — When hubby wants a new tube of shaving cream, or when he or the boss of the home want tooth paste or any other beauty aids which come in metal tubes, they must approach the sales counter with an empty tube. This is a new regulation. These tubes carry a large percentage of tin, a strategic war metal which must be conserved. Storekeepers cannot replace their supplies of cosmetics or what not in tubes unless they return an equal number of empties. State salvage directors are now indicating that tin cans may soon be collected, but they have not yet declared that new cans of beer or tomatoes are to be released to consumers only when empty cans are returned.

The Fallon Standard, April 8, 1942

50 Years Ago

Domonoske Reviews City Strides, Public Safety — With the national increase in crime, it is imperative that we have a first-class police department. We now have 24-hours-a-day police dispatchers who as a courtesy also handle night traffic communications for the Sheriff’s office. Our patrol force is small but works well with the County Sheriff’s force, the Highway Patrol and the Navy Shore Patrol. Our municipal judge now has an adequate staff and quarters in city hall. Two new Juvenile cells have been added to our jail in the last few years, giving us separate cell areas for men, women and juveniles. A humane dog pound has been constructed and the progress of picking up stray dogs continues. Over 600 stray dogs have been picked up during the past two years.

The Fallon Citizen. April 13, 1967

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives, researched and compiled by Brianna Schwab, Churchill County Museum assistant.