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View from the Past

100 Years ago

Fallon 2ND Class P. O. Post Master G. W. Likes received notice that the Fallon post office will at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1, be advanced from the third class to a second-class office.

Churchill County Eagle. — May 26, 1917

On that Liberty Loan. June 15 will be the last date that the “Liberty Loan” bonds can be secured, and the department is urging the people to come to the assistance of the Nation.

Churchill County Eagle. — May 26, 1917

Children Prohibited. Children are prohibited from driving autos unless they are over 16 years of age. Section 9 — No person under sixteen years of age shall be permitted to drive or operate any motor vehicle in any incorporated or unincorporated city or town in this state.

Churchill County Eagle. — May 26, 1917

75 Years ago

Scrap Rubber is Badly Needed. The people of Nevada will be called on to contribute scrap rubber in an effort to alleviate the acute rubber shortage that has developed in the United States. Every man, woman and child will be called upon to save old rubber of all descriptions. This is the material from your old worn out tires and tubes, discarded galoshes, and even your children’s toys.

The Fallon Eagle — May 23, 1942

How to Send Mail to Japan is Told. Americans whose relatives are prisoners in the Far East have been given the news that “Now we can write”. Letters to military prisoners will be handled free. In place of the stamp should be written “Prisoner of War Mail, Postage Free”.

The Fallon Eagle — May 23, 1942

Rendering Works Wants More Fats. An ever increasing and uninterrupted flow of fats, vitally needed by armed forces as a source of explosives has been called for by the War Production Board, which has notified all renderers that they are links in the chain and that they are urged to do their utmost to increase the fat supply.

The Fallon Eagle — May 30, 1942

50 years ago

Practical Nurses Attend Cancer Seminar. The students of the Lahontan School of Practical Nursing attended the Cancer Seminar held at the Nugget Convention Center in Sparks. The associate members attending this meeting were Kay Geib, Pat Harris, Mary Mori, Dorothy Ormachea, Carol Richards, Jean Shaffer and Carol Worden.

The Fallon – Standard — May 26, 1967

Iris Show Dates set by Garden Club. The Lahontan Garden Club will put on a display of Iris at the Library on June 1. Anyone having special Iris they would like to show, please bring them to the library.

The Fallon – Standard — May 26, 1967.

Ernie Schank Elected State Secretary of FFA. At the annual Nevada Convention of Future Farmers of America held in Reno, Ernie Schank, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Schank of Fallon, was elected to the office of State Secretary for the Nevada Association. Ernie also attained the second highest degree offered in the organization, that of State Farmer.

The Fallon – Standard — May 30, 1967

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum assistant.