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View from the Past

100 Years ago

More Boys Join Colors — Young Men of Churchill go to Front in Vocations With Which They Are Familiar_ Churchill County continues to send men to the front showing that she has within her borders young men forward in defense of the country and its rights. Some of those enlisted through Corporal Roy Trippel have been mentioned before, but the following gives the names of those who have gone within the past few days: Thos. E. Carroll, Engineers’ corps, painter; Herald J Swingle, Engineer corps, chauffer; Geo R Linsea, Cavalry; Jas F Anderson, cavalry; Frank E White, Engineer corps, chauffer; Alexander L Hamilton, Field artillery; Roy Hudson, signal corps telegraph operator; Samuel Bradley, Signal corps telegraph operator.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, June 9, 1917

Prepare for Fourth — Committee Reports Excellent Progress For Big Event in Fallon_ The meeting of the Fourth of July Committee held Thursday evening established beyond doubt, so the committee states, the complete success of the plans for the celebration on that day. The report of the Finance Committee was most encouraging. The members stating that everywhere they were met with the most cordial reception, and the responses for subscriptions were most generous. Many more subscriptions have been promised and the result of this cordial cooperation on the part of the merchants will be the grandest and most attractive program ever held in Fallon.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, June 9, 1917

75 Years ago

Sheep Pelts Help in Winning War — Shearing pelts from Nevada lambs and sheep are expected to play an important part in the winning of the war. Wool from one-quarter to one- inch in length is seriously needed to make snug clothing for pilots, bombardiers and other U.S fighting men in cold weather. All told more than 250,000 pelts are potentially available from Nevada woolies according to L.E Cline of the University of Nevada Agricultural Extension Services. Most of these will need to come from packers, both within and without the state, with the remainder from farm slaughter and from local butchers. So important in the winning of the war are shearing skins, that the War Production Board has ordered all of them be sold to the board for use by the Armed Forces.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, June 13, 1942

50 years ago

Five Fallon Students in Program — Five juniors and seniors at Churchill County High School will be attending the University of Nevada this summer. The youth are taking part in a pre-college program known as Upward Bound. Martin Newstrand, Ruth Ann Upton, Filliberto Lemus, Richard Stokes and Mike Doughty will participate in the June 12th to August 4th program. They will be among about 75 youngsters to attend Upward Bound, which is sponsored by the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity. In the mornings the students will have academic studies in social studies, mathematics and language arts. Afternoons are left open for the student to choose an area of his liking for study. Such things as photography, journalism, athletics and recreational activities will be available.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, June 9, 1967

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives, researched and compiled by Dwen Davis, Churchill County Museum assistant.