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View from the Past

100 years ago

Catching Bootleggers — C. A. Hascall, former Nevada resident, now employed as general deputy collector of the United States Internal Revenue Service in Idaho, is busily engaged in running down bootleggers. Several days ago, Hascall arrested two men just after they crossed the Nevada Idaho line. The two prisoners were charged with bringing in thirty cases and one keg of liquor, the shipment being valued at over $2,600.

Churchill County Eagle — August 25, 1917.

The Peoples Column — Cabbage at 1 ½ a pound delivered. Phone your orders to 370. Gentle mare, safe for children to drive to and from school. E. A. Barber. House for rent with plumbing. E. P. Osgood. Phone 13. Lot in the heart of town, with three cottages, bringing $38.50 per month. Price $3,000. Fallon Realty Company.

75 years ago

With Local Men in Service — Latest news received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Davis, from Cecil Davis, is that he is at the U. S. Naval Station at Midway and it is assumed that he was there at the time of the recent Battle of Midway. From Fort Benning, Georgia, Melvin Allen, Stillwater boy, has written that he has been discharged from the hospital and that he is now on duty guarding prisoners, armed with a high-powered shotgun. Billy Steve, who has been in Chicago for eight months, has been transferred back to San Diego.

The Fallon Eagle — August 22, 1942.

50 years ago

Nygren’s Honey Users are Widespread — The Churchill County operation is one of the largest in the state. Alfalfa and sweet clover blooming in the fields is not only a good sign for the farmer, but for the beekeeper. Beekeeping is not often thought of as a major industry of Nevada, yet there are nine commercial beekeepers in Nevada with 400 or more colonies of bees. One of these beekeepers is Fallon’s Earl Nygren.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — August 15, 1967.

‘Bat Girl’ for Fallon Team Receives National News Coverage — Sheri Statler of Fallon has raised quite a discussion in sports sections of papers all the way from Oregon to New Jersey. Sheri is a bat girl for the Fallon baseball team, “The Copper Kings”, which recently traveled to the National Baseball Congress tournament at Wichita. Tournament officials have barred her from the field. She is unable to sit in the team’s dugout during games played by the Copper Kings. Associated Press Wirephoto picked up the story and gave it national photo coverage. The AP describes Sheri as 23 years old and a brunette. It also quotes her as saying the officials decision is a “foul ruling. Fallon people away from home have noticed the coverage.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — August 22, 1967.

A View From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Brianna Schwab, Churchill County Museum assistant.