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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

A Handsome Chandler Car: Among the things which have attracted attention on the streets for the past several days has been a new Chandler Six auto, in charge of E. O. Frick. This machine has beautiful lines, all the new attractions of the very best makes of high priced cars, and many features which are not present in the ordinary car. There are only eight wires governing the whole electric lighting and starting system, including storage battery.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, September 22, 1917

75 Years Ago

The Army and Navy Need Typewriters: More than 600,000 standard typewriters, manufactured since Jan. 1, 1935, are urgently needed by the Army and Navy at once. Here is an opportunity for every individual and every business concern in the nation to make a vital, voluntary contribution to the war emergency. Donald Nelson of the war production board in Washington has asked every field office in the county to put on an intensive campaign to locate typewriters to be sold to the government for essential war uses. The Navy has learned to do with half as many machines as it formerly used. Every time a battleship has returned to port for the first time since June 5, one-half of all its typewriters has been taken ashore for service on another ship. There is only one typewriter for every 127 men on a battleship as compared with one for every five people in business and industry. If typewriters in industry are utilized one-tenth as well as they are in the Navy, business firms can do without 50 percent of the machines they have in use, just as the Navy has had to do.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, September 26,1942

50 Years Ago

Mining Figures Show Statewide Increase: Minerals produced in Churchill County in 1966 in the order of value were stone, sand and gravel, salt, lead, silver, zinc, mercury, gold and copper. In dollars, the county showed an increase of $521.193 over 1965. The 1966 figure is $606,714 compared with only $85,521 in 1965. All the salt mined in the state during 1966 came from Churchill County; however, the dollar value could not be disclosed at this time.

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, September 19,1967.

Local Man Has Personal Stake in Lunar Exploration: Joseph E. Lister, father of Joseph Lister, Jr. of Allen St., Fallon, has a personal stake in America’s lunar exploration program. He’s an aerospace mechanic for North American Aviation, a major contractor in the nation’s effort to send three astronauts to the moon and return them safely. North American builds the Apollo spacecraft in which the astronauts will make the moon trip, and in the second stage all 11 engines of the giant Saturn V launch vehicle that will boost them on their way. The nation’s initial Apollo Saturn V test flights, the Apollo 4 Mission is set for this fall. The rocket, the world’s largest and nearly as tall as a football field is long, will be launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center off the east coast of Florida. An unmanned spacecraft will ride the Saturn V into Earth’s orbit. Later, from a point about 10,000 miles in space, the spacecraft command module will be driven into the earth’s atmosphere at a metal-melting speed of nearly 25,000 mph. That’s the speed the astronauts’ command module will be traveling when it returns from the moon.

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, September 22,1967

A View From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Brianna Schwab, Churchill County Museum assistant.