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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

He Saves Two Lives, Fallon Soldier is Hero at Fire in Oklahoma, Rescues Mother and Baby: The eagle is in receipt of the following letter from Sergeant Howell at Fort Sill, Okla.: As a friend and comrade to one of your young men I would like to have this letter published or part of it, as this young man from your town has proven himself a real soldier and true American. We had a disastrous fire at Lawton, a town near Fort Sill, in which some few lives were lost, and if it had not been for Louis Gear of Fallon there would have been at least two more deaths. The fire broke out early in the morning and many were still in bed. One woman, Mrs. Bradshaw, and small child, was trapped by the fire, and death would have been certain if it had not been for the courage of this excellent young man who wrapped his body in wet blankets and plunged through a solid wall of fire and returned with the woman and child with only slight burns resulting. Gear was in charge of a squad of soldiers that had been drilled on fighting fire and many say the if it had not been for the splendid work done by the soldiers the town would have been laid in ruins, as one business block was destroyed in the heart of town. I cannot praise this young man too highly. Please send us more men like him.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, October 6, 1917

75 Years Ago

Churchill Gets Six of Adult Bicycles: Churchill County will be allotted six new adult bicycles for rationing in October out of 130, allotted to the state for its October quota, according to George Olsen Lohse, state rationing representative of the office of price administration. Last month’s quota was 127 with a state reserve of 30, to compare to the new quota of 130 with a stat reserve quota of 39. Compared to a September quota of 90,000 the nation will receive 88,000 bicycles for adults during October. In addition there are 26,400 bicycles in state reserves held for supplying any demand that may develop in excess of the assigned quota in any locality. Clark and Washoe counties will receive 40 bicycles each. Other counties will range in eight, which will go to White Pine, to one each allotted for Esmerelda, Eureka, Lander, and Storey counties. Next to Churchill’s six, Elko and Lyon will receive five each, Humboldt, Mineral and Ormsby four, Nye and Lincoln three, and Pershing and Douglas two each.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, October 3, 1942

50 Years Ago

U of N Enrollment Up 14 Percent: Enrollment on the University of Nevada’s Reno campus is almost 14 percent greater than it was last year at this time. Dr. Jack H. Shirley, director of admissions and registrar, reported enrollment of regular students totaled 5,081, an increase of 627 over last fall’s total of 4,454 on the final day for late registration. Special and general extension bring the total enrollment figure to 6,136 compared with 5,591 at this time last year. Registration for evening courses still is underway in various parts of the state.

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Saturday, October 6, 1967

A view from the past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Dawson Frost, Churchill County Museum intern.