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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Grandma Sanford Honored on Her 77th Birthday: The ladies of the Baptist church gave Grandma Sanford quite a surprise last Wednesday. The ladies assembled at the church and prepared refreshments. Then Grandma was asked to take a ride and was on some pretext asked to stop in at the church. When she entered she realized what it all meant. It was in honor of her 77th birthday anniversary, and she was made to realize that she had many friends who appreciate the splendid work she has accomplished along the journey of life. The birthday cake was decorated with 77 red, white, and blue candles. Grandma is one of the pioneers of Churchill County and has done her bit building up our western civilization. Numerous gifts from loving relatives and friends were presented to Grandma in honor of her three score and seventeen.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, October 13, 1917

75 Years Ago

Beer Quenches Fire as Well as Thirst: Thirst is not the only thing that beer will quench, and sometimes it’s lucky to have some beer aboard a truck for other than drinking purposes. That’s the conclusion deduced from an incident of late last week when a fire broke out on a general merchandise truck of the California-Nevada Transportation Co. as the vehicle was approaching Fallon a short distance this side of Hazen. When the driver and his helper discovered the blaze, with flames and smoke rising from the depths of their load, just back of the cab, they went into action. As digging proceeded and merchandise was sent overboard, the truck moved ahead to make more room on the ground. A case of bottle beer uncovered near the blaze, was pressed into service, and when Sheriff Ralph J. Vannoy, called from Hazen, arrived on the scene with a few moments later with a fire extinguisher, he found the resourceful truck driver, whose name was not learned, industriously breaking bottles, allowing the beer to smother the flames. With the fire thus partly under control, the sheriff had no difficulty making the extinguisher do the rest. The truck and a large part of its cargo were saved.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, October 10, 1942

50 Years

School Additions Planned Here: Plans for the additions at the West End and Junior High Schools are now going through proper channels in Washington, D.C., after final federal approval. The total cost of these additions will be $147,600 with the federal government contributing $88,205, leaving $59,395 to be taken care of by local funds. Plans for the addition at West End call for a building of approximately 4100 square feet to be built just west of the main building with a covered breezeway connecting it to the building. This new facility will have a library, art room, activity room, and storage room. The Junior High addition will be erected at the east end of the building that includes the home economics rooms, etc. It will have a breezeway as well. Included in this building will be a study hall, library, conference room, lavatory, and a storage room. It will add approximately 5400 square feet of the existing plant.

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Saturday, October 13, 1967

A view from the past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Dawson Frost, Churchill County Museum intern.