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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

School Boys’ Potatoes, Raise 10 Tons in City Park and Get $35 a Ton, Have More to Harvest: The boys of Oats Park Grammar School have been harvesting the potato crop they raised in a portion of the City Park and find they have 10 tons, which were sold to the I.H. Kent Co. for $35 a ton. There was considerable expense in securing seed, preparing the ground, installing the pumping plant, etc., so that the boys will not much more than break even, but next year they should have a goodly sum for the playground fund. Professor McKeown has been overseeing the boys and assisting in the work this season. The potatoes were first rate and the boys may feel well proud of their efforts. Besides the above the boys still have a patch of potatoes at the west end school and the beans at the city park yet to be harvested.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, October 27, 1917

75 Years Ago

Students Collect 81 Tons of Scrap: Churchill County’s back yards, barnyards and scrap heaps have been thoroughly ransacked for the past two weeks by high school students in a diligent hunt for scrap to “Scraps to lick the Japs.” The high school scrap drive is not a failure is shown by the fact that 81 tons had been amassed by the students on Thursday, with more to come. The seniors lead the honor list with leadership, not only in the class contest but in the individual boy and girl contests as well. Richard M., a senior, leads the boys while Anita C., also a senior, heads the feminine list of junk gatherers. The seniors have collected 29 tons with the frosh a close second with 21 tons. The school’s small fry took the lead last week, but were forced into the runner up by the bigger seniors. Statistics are being compiled by Mrs. Wallace’s business machines class and a graph showing tonnage gas been made Richard M. who is also the current leader in scrap gathering. The race is still hot as the contest does not end until Monday at 10 a.m. After Wednesday, school time was not given to get the scrap. A school party is the prize of the two winning classes with the losers playing host.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, October 24, 1942

50 Years Ago

Parade to Start Homecoming Activities: A parade Friday afternoon will start the high school homecoming activities planned for this weekend. Awarding prizes for the floats and crowning the Queen will take place during half-time ceremony at the Fallon-Stewart football game Friday night. The Queen and her attendants are chosen by the varsity football team. Nominated for Queen are seniors Susan Hammer, Audys Dodge, Brenda Tedford, and Laurie Davis. Alumni and guests are invited to attend the homecoming dance after the game. The Magic Grass band will furnish the music.

The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Saturday, October 27, 1967

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Dawson Frost, Churchill County Museum intern.