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View from the Past

50 years ago

Annual Magpie Hunt to Begin Here Nov. 15: The 1967-68 Magpie Hunt will get underway Nov. 15, 1967 according to the joint committee. The heads can be turned in at the showroom of the Anderson Ford Dales and will be worth 10 cents each. At present no prizes are anticipated, only the 10 cents per head bounty. At a later date possibly if funds permit some form of contest may be started. The control of the magpie is ever so important to the pheasant, quail and duck hatches. As is visible throughout the valley, the magpies are abundant and some eradication is necessary.

–Fallon Eagle-Standard Friday, Nov. 10, 1967

75 years ago

President Will Eat Fallon Turkey: President Franklin D. Roosevelt will eat Fallon turkey this Thanksgiving, and the bird will be supplied by Mrs. Minnie P. Blair, who has one of the largest flocks on the project at the Blair ranch just south of Fallon on Taylor road. The president is to receive the turkey as a gift from Governor E.P. Carville, who promised it to the president if he would restore the traditional Thanksgiving date, always observed by Nevada when , by presidential proclamation, the time was set ahead one week. Last year was the last observance of the new date and now the governor is making good on his promise. He has ordered the bird from Mrs. Blair, sending the order through Mr. Carl F. Dodge of Fallon. The table of another distinguished person which will be graced this year with Fallon turkey from the Blair flock, will be that of the Princess Mahrie Louise Drouzkoy, Dellholme Estate, Rye , New York. So far, Mrs. Blair has had orders for Thanksgiving turkeys to be shipped direct to individuals in 22 states, the District of Colombia, Hawaii and Alaska.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, Nov. 14, 1942

100 years ago

Destruction of School Property Must Stop: A complaint has been laid before Superintendent of Schools Bleasdale and District Attorney Kenny that the school property of Consolidated “A” comprising the Smart and Wightman districts, has been maliciously injured and defaced by persons whose participation in the lawless conduct has not yet been sufficiently established to justify their arrest on this serious charge. The complaint is bases upon a series of depredations, running for some time back, but it was the deliberate mischief carried on at Halloween, that showed the unbridled viciousness of the offenders, and brought the representative citizens of the school district to the realization that these evils must be stopped once and for all. Both officials before whom the complaint has been laid give assurance of the hearty cooperation and should the culprits of these or future offences be apprehended they will receive the full measure of punishment their misconduct so richly merits.

–The Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, Nov. 10, 1917

A view from the past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Brianna Silver, Churchill County Museum Assistant.