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View from the Past

50 years ago

Jr. Rider Events: Sunday, Nov. 12, was the last gymkhana of the year for the Churchill Jr. Riders. There will be no event in December and the Pot Luck Dinner which has become traditional, is held in January since the weather then is usually not conducive to outdoor activities. The next gymkhana will be held in February or March, according to weather conditions. Western Riding, a new event for most of the youngsters, and usually don’t at the horse shows, gave each youngster a chance to show his horse individually Sunday. Each horse was shown in a walk, trot, lope and backing in a pattern with obstacles. Western Riding was followed by the Keyhole Race which gave everyone a chance to run his horse and compete for a ribbon.

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard Friday, Nov. 17, 1967

75 years ago

Mrs. Emery Learns Sister Is interned in Camp at Manila: Receiving the first word she had since last Christmas of her sister in the Philippines, Mrs. H.W. Emery this week got a letter from a released prisoner of the Japanese saying that the sister Mrs. Mary Berry Spivey, and her husband, are alive and well in a concentration camp at Manila. The letter to Mrs. Emery was from Mrs. Marie Johnstone, a British subject, aboard the vessel Ta Ta Tu Maru. Mrs. Johnstone, who had been with Mrs. Spivey in the camp, was being restored to her freedom under a repatriation agreement, which embraces exchange of prisoners. Mrs. Johnstone’s letter said that all in the camp are well and as happy as could be expected under the circumstances, and that morale is high. The inmates of the camp provide their own amusements, which include singing songs by the group. They are permitted to retain their own money and can purchase food other than that supplied by the Japanese. They try to keep in good spirits, the letter said, and hope that under further repatriation agreements, they will be reunited with their people soon. Mrs. Spivey left this country in June of last year for the islands to meet Mr. Spivey and they were married in the Philippines last July. The last word received from them by Mrs. Emery was on last Christmas Day. Mrs. Johnstone’s letter also said that the internees have faithful Filipino servants who will bring them anything they want.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, November 21, 1942

100 years ago

O.E.S. Annual Dance: The Order of the Eastern Star will give their annual Thanksgiving Dance at Clark’s pavilion Wednesday night, Nov. 28. The Star has purchased some of the bonds of both of the former issues and it is their intention to replenish their treasury with a view to buying more of the issue. Jewett’s orchestra has been severed, thus insuring good music. The price of admission, which has been set at $1 for gentlemen, includes refreshments. The annual O.E.S. dances have established a reputation for being high class and with such a worthy cause in view for the funds, it is expected that a large crowd will be in attendance.

–The Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, Nov. 17, 1917

A view from the past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Brianna Silver, Churchill County Museum Assistant.