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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

St. Clair Jots: School opened last Monday after the usual holiday vacation with two new pupils enrolled from the Island district. We are very glad to record that most all the sick folks in our district have recovered. There has been quite a siege of La Grippe and colds the past month. Some of the boys and girls are complaining because the weatherman has not given them any ice this winter on which to skate. The winter has been very mild and open.

–Churchill County Eagle – January 12, 1918

Surplus Soldier Boy Cakes To Be Sold: The Ladies of the Red Cross will hold a sale of fruitcake at Mrs. Ferguson’s store Saturday, January 19. These fruitcakes are those remaining from the Soldiers’ Christmas Box allotment and as nothing was spared in their preparation, the purchaser will get more than his money’s worth at 50 cents each. The proceeds will go to the Red Cross Chapter.

–Churchill County Eagle, January 12, 1918

75 Years Ago

What You Buy With War Bonds: Of course you want that new bathroom. But not now, for raw materials are going into war equipment and tools for our boys on the battlefront. But your investment in war bonds today will buy that new bathroom when the war is won. If you have not done so, join the Payroll Savings Plan at your office or factory today. Put 10 percent or more of your earnings in war bonds and get back $4 for $3 from Uncle Sam. Let’s “Top that Ten Percent.” (U.S. Treasury Department)

–The Fallon Eagle, January 2, 1943

War on the Home Front: Requires of every one of us that we conserve everything we have, reducing replacements to a minimum. Transportation is one of the most vital elements of our wartime economy — and your care of your own vehicle is one of the most important links in the transportation chain. Start 1943 right by bringing in your car to us for a complete conservation check-up stop deterioration before it’s too late. (Fallon Garage “The Home of the Chevrolet” Ad)

–The Fallon Eagle, January 2, 1943

50 Years Ago

Letter to the Editor, Express Thanks for FVFD Assistance: Would you please extend our gratitude and appreciation to those members of the Fallon Volunteer Fire Department who arose at 3 a.m. and braved the 50-mile drive across the desert (and across county lines) in zero weather to come to Lovelock during the Pershing Hotel fire Saturday. It was reassuring to know that your equipment was here for emergency action if necessary. We hope it won’t be necessary, but should you find yourself in a similar predicament, please call on us. Our sincerest thanks, all the residents of Lovelock.

–Fallon Eagle-Standard, January 5, 1968

A View from the Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives researched and compiled by Cathie Richardson, Churchill County Museum Assistant.