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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Canning By Coldpack, Pro-German Propaganda On Subject Denounced: One of the most important methods of conserving food is by the home canning of fruits and vegetables. Millions of cans have been put up this year by American housewives. Recently a series of scare articles have appeared in many papers, supposedly of pro-German origin, to the effect that food canned by such methods is dangerous to use. During 1917, 105 housewives and girls in Nevada canned 5,320 jars of fruit and vegetables by the One-Period Cold-Pack Method. In every case but one, the spoilage was reported due to defective lids or poor rubbers and not to the method used. Almost without exception the ladies express themselves pleased and satisfied with the Cold-Pack method and found the spoilage less than with any other method they had ever tried.

–Churchill County Eagle, January 12, 1918

75 Years Ago

Nevada Can Justly “Point with Pride:” A Navy recruiting specialist paid Nevada a high compliment this week when he was heard to say that of all the 11 western states, Nevada had furnished the very highest type of individuals to the Navy’s “Seabees,” which is the construction battalion recruited by the Navy for service overseas. That Churchill County is not lagging behind the rest of the state in this respect is evident. Two from here are lieutenant colonels, two are majors, and a score of first and second lieutenants. When the final chapter of this war is written, it will be recorded that Nevada and Churchill County, as always in a crisis, have done more than their bit in contributions of life, character, money, and labor to the perpetuation of this nation and all that it stands for to liberty-loving people.

–The Fallon Eagle, January 9, 1943

50 Years Ago

‘68 Magpie Hunt Underway, Bounties Offered: The Churchill County Sportsmen and Greenhead Club wish to remind all sportsmen that the 1968 Magpie Hunt is underway. At present 90 magpie heads have been turned in and collection made. A 10 cent per head bounty is being paid through contributions. Now that the leaves have gone off the trees, it makes hunting at night with a flashlight and a .22 rifle loaded with CB or BB caps a great sport.

–Fallon Eagle- Standard, January 9, 1968

A View from the Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives researched and compiled by Cathie Richardson, Churchill County Museum Assistant.