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View from the Past

50 Years Ago

School Board Approves Kindergarten: The Churchill County School Board approved kindergarten be included in the regular school system at the regular meeting Monday, according to Walter Olds, county superintendent of schools. Mr. Olds states the funds for the kindergarten have been included in his budget for the new school year and this action has been referred to the State Board of Education for approval.

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, March 12, 1968

75 Years Ago

Million Gardens is 4-H Club Goal: Nevada’s rural youth, together with those in other states, are enrolling en masse in the 1943 National 4-H Victory Garden contest to produce adequate supplies of essential vegetables and garden fruits on home plots for their entire family’s use. One million 4-H Victory Gardens are the 1943 goal. Government officials emphasize that the more food each community grows for its own use, the easier it will be for the country to meet its military needs for garden fruits and vegetables. They also point out that the annual garden needs of a man in the armed forces, which include 34 pounds of tomatoes, 250 pounds of potatoes, and 168 pounds of leafy green and yellow vegetables, can be produced on plots of three-tenths to one-half, one to one-fourth, and two and one-half to three acres, respectively. The primary purpose of activity is to encourage every 4-H’er to utilize as much space for farm family gardening as possible and to plant early and often, throughout the year. As incentives to achieving outstanding gardening records, honor awards are offered by Sears Roebuck. These recognitions for helping to “Feed a Fighter in 1943” include medals to four county winners; $25 War Savings Bonds to eight champions in each state, and all-expense trips to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago to eight sectional participants, who as national winners will each also receive a $100 War Bond. The contest will be conducted along with other 4-H wartime projects of production and conservation under the direction of the U.S. department of Agriculture, State Agricultural Colleges, and County Extension Agents.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, March 13, 1943

100 Years Ago

Miss Anne Martin Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate: Mrs. Anne Martin wires the following message to the press of Nevada: I am announcing my candidacy for the election to United States Senate from Nevada and am sure the Nevada press will give me the same fairness and consideration according to a man under similar circumstances. Candidates should be judged on qualifications, not sex. I asked to be judged on my legislative record in Nevada organizing campaign which amended the State Constitution for suffrage and my work for amendment of the national Constitution, now almost accomplished I pledge myself to do the utmost in advancing industrial and economic life of Nevada and the nation at this crucial time in our history when success in the war depends upon effective organizing of state and national resources. Anne Martin.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, March 9, 1918

A view from the past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Dawson Frost, Churchill County Museum Intern.