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View from the Past

50 Years Ago

Fallonites Receive Honors in Yuma: Mr. and Mrs. Hiatt of Fallon, on a recent trip to Arizona, were unexpectedly presented the key to the city of Yuma and bestowed other honors when they unknowingly entered the Yuma territorial state prison as its millionth and millionth-and-one visitors earlier this month. The prison has been under the auspices of Arizona State Parks Board since 1961, since which time the number of visitors has been recorded. Greeting the surprised Hiatts, and representing the governor and the Arizona State Parks Board, was its director, Dennis McCarthy. Henry Mitchell, deputy mayor of Yuma, presented the astonished couple with the key to Yuma, and the county supervisor, Clark Yarwood, presented Mrs. Hiatt a white carnation corsage.

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, March 19, 1968

75 Years Ago

Navy Activity Believed Due at Fallon Airport: Although no official statement has been made by anyone in authority, at least for publication, and nothing has been received by the board of county commissioners as sponsors of the original project, it is believed here that early activity by the Navy on construction of facilities at the Fallon Airport, and improvement of the airport itself, may be expected. During the past week, six houses have been rented here, supposedly for key men of the Dinwiddie-Monson Co., contractors who have been on Navy work at Hawthorne, and it is rumored part of the personnel and equipment of this company will be brought to Fallon early this coming week. A plane carrying a number of Navy officers landed on the port yesterday, returning later in the day to the coast without contacting county authorities excepting to secure the key to the airport gates. A telegram to the office of Commander T.G. Richards at Alameda asking for the release of a story brought no response. Some time ago, however, when the interest of the Navy in the local field was first announced, Commander Richards wrote that construction of facilities would start as soon as plans could be approved by the Navy Department. This week, Senator Pat McCarran released to the Nevada papers a story on the proposed use of five ports in the Carson Sink area, including Fallon, similar to a story printed in The Eagle last week quoting Paul K. Gardner, publisher of The Lovelock Review-Miner, and indicated activity in Fallon this week appears to be in line with that story.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, March 20, 1943

100 Years Ago

City Council Holds an Interesting Session: At the meeting of the City Council Tuesday evening, there was a large crowd present. The question of funds for a reading room and library was one of the chief topics, the particulars of which appear elsewhere in this issue. There were a number of property owners from Stillwater Avenue present. In this connection, the council accepted a deed from John Oats for a strip of land on the extreme South of Oats Park Addition, though it had never been platted and turned over to the city as thoroughfare being held only as a country road.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, March 16, 1918

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Dawson Frost, Churchill County Museum Intern.