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View from the Past

50 Years Ago

Greenwave Tracksters Win First Place in Track Meet: The Greenwave tracksters walked away with first place honors and Burke Hereford of Fallon set a new school record in the high jump in a triangular track and field meet with Hawthorne and Fernley, held here Saturday. Burke set the new record with a leap of 5 feet, 10 inches. The meet offered running events and a few field events from which the Greenwave accumulated a total of 56 points. Hawthorne came in second with 47 1/2 points, and Fernley finished third with 43 1/2 points. There were double winners in some instances. They were Vergene Johnson, a speedster from Hawthorne; Jerry M, a distance runner from Fernley; and Dave Lyon, vaulter, also of Fernley. –The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, March 26, 1968

75 Years Ago

Churchill Delegation Did Good Job On Bus Driver Bill: Had the Churchill County delegation in the state legislature done nothing else, its members would have earned their salaries as far as this county is concerned, for pushing through the bill amending the drivers’ license law so that youths under 18 can drive school buses. This measure meant more to this county with its Con B-High School Transportation system which is by far the largest in the state, than to any county. Moreover, the Churchill delegation had to overcome a demand for limiting the legislation to the duration of the war. Had that idea prevailed, the local transportation system would have been right back up against it when the war was over. Reason regulations, under the jurisdiction of the driver’s license bureau of the state highway department are not objected to and are necessary. Thanks to the work of the Churchill group, however, the workable law was enacted which makes it possible to keep the transportation system going without prohibitive costs, and with a maximum of safety, which is what the school systems wanted. Without attempting to clutter up the statute books of the state with a lot of new laws.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, March 20, 1943

100 Years Ago

Boys Work Reserve: Short intensive course at University of Nevada enrollment urged. All Nevada boys between the ages of 16 and 21 are to be given an opportunity to help in more work with government recognition at the same time earning excellent pay and learning useful trades, according to plans just formulated by the Boys Working Reserve of the Department of Labor which Rev. Brewster Adams of Reno is Federal State Director for Nevada. “All high school principals and enrollment agents of the Public Service Reserves have been listed as enrollment officers in this fine movement in an attempt to reach every patriotic boy in the state. One month intensive course in agriculture, gas engines and tractor operation will be given at the University of Nevada commencing April 1 and running until July 1, 50 boys being handled each month.“ These boys will be doing real work just as surely as their big brothers in the trenches. Victory for our allies depends not on arms alone but equally on the products of our farms. Members of the boys working reserve receive full government recognition from certificates and badges of enrollment with service bars added on completion of farm-work to through specified periods.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, March 23, 1918

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Dawson Frost, Churchill County Museum Intern.