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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Complaints About Stock Running at Large in Town: A good many complaints have been made to the city and county authorities lately about livestock running at large in the city of Fallon, and especially about horses running over lawns doing considerable damage. If the stock belongs to an unknown owner, it may be impounded and sold in accordance with the statutes. Judging from the numerous complaints that have been made to the officers, prosecutions are likely to follow if owners are not more careful.

–Churchill County Eagle, April 13, 1918

75 Years Ago

May Advance Point Stamps for Butter: Aid was extended by the Office of Price Administration this week to housewives who wish to order butter and cheese for future delivery from dairymen or salesmen operating mobile conveyances over regular delivery routes. Housewives were authorized to make advance payment of points for home deliveries on these products. In such situations the housewife, who, for example, on Monday wants a pound of butter left at her home the following Thursday, can give the deliveryman eight currently valid stamps to cover the later delivery. If it develops that the seller is unable to fill all or part of the order on the first trip, he may do so on a subsequent trip.

–The Fallon Eagle, April 3, 1943

50 Years Ago

Laura Mills Shows Pictures to PEO Chapter: The members of the Chapter D of the PEO Sisterhood enjoyed viewing pictures of wild flowers of California and Nevada taken by Miss Laura Mills and shown at the home of Miss Ellen Mills, hostess for the last March meeting. Miss Mills pointed out the characteristics of the flowers and told of the families to which they belonged. This writer, who can distinguish between a daisy and a rose but little else, would never have recognized without instruction that an onion and a lily were cousins. It was a fascinating and instructive evening.

–Fallon Eagle-Standard, April 5, 1968

A View from the Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives researched and compiled by Cathie Richardson, Churchill County Museum Assistant.