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Volunteers needed to make Dayton Safe Grad Night a success

Appeal Staff Writer

Dayton Safe Grad Night Committee desperately needs the community’s help to make this year’s event a success.

In the past, Safe Grad Night had been sponsored primarily by Lyon County Parks & Recreation under the direction of Jeanette Hoffert, but following the restructuring last fall, the event had no home, said committee member Grace Jones.

“Planning that would have normally been in place didn’t get started until January and we’re behind where we need to be,” Jones said. “This is now solely in the hands of parent volunteers working with Michelle Watkins and Central Lyon County Youth Connections and we’re trying very hard to feel our way through this, but donations are way down.”

The event takes place June 7 at Incline Recreation Center. The students are bused to and from the party, which is fully chaperoned.

“It’s an all-night celebration with swimming, obstacle courses, jousting, food and beverages where the kids can have fun and be safe,” she said. “Each year, the committee likes to have a raffle and also be able to present each graduate with something they can bring into the dorm with them or use when they leave home.”

These items can include everything from gift cards to purchase what they need, microwaves or as has been donated by Boart’s in Mound House, iPod Nanos.

“The kids have worked hard and deserve this recognition in a safe environment,” Jones said. “And at this point, we’re begging for help.”

The cost to host Safe Grad is $17,000 and organizers like to leave a few thousand in the account for the following year’s event, Jones said.

Organizers expect 130 of the 147 graduating seniors to attend.

“Right now, we’re needing about $8,000 to make up the difference between what we have, what we need bottom line and being able to have a little extra for next year,” she said.

Planning is under way to formalize the committee by instituting nonprofit status and putting a board in place.

“We would like to see a parent with a child in each grade level (freshman, sophomore, junior) participate, so that once their child is graduating, they know how to plan this event,” Jones said. “If you have a child in school, no matter what grade, you have a vested interest in making this a fun, successful event.

“Because one day, Safe Grad will be for your child, and as a parent, you won’t have to worry about their well-being.”

Jones added that Patty Sanborn, who’s on the committee and has no children graduating this year, has spearheaded Safe Grad Night as a labor of love.

“Without those kinds of people giving their time, Safe Grad wouldn’t be possible,” she said, adding for businesses, this is a wonderful way to give back to the town that supports them.

“What I know is that Dayton is a great community and I’ve seen them come out and rally at the 11th hour,” Jones said. “And we’re certainly there.”

For information, or to donate prizes or gifts, contact Jones at 246-7371.

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