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Waitin’ on a highway can get frustrating

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

The answer to a question posted on the Nevada Appeal Web site regarding last week’s column: The USA Parkway is being built by developer Lance Gilman, and will progress toward Highway 50 as industrial developments are built.

So, as the Tahoe Reno Industrial Park goes, so goes USA Parkway.

Scott Magruder, spokesman for the Nevada Department of Transportation, said Gilman is building the road, but doesn’t know where or when it will connect with Highway 50.

“We are aware there is a plan and we’ve worked with the developer on it,” he said. “But it’s so far away, it’s not in any of our plans right now.”

Magruder said four miles of the road are completed, and Gilman is in the process of building an interchange on Interstate 80 at USA Parkway, but he was still a long way from getting to Highway 50.

“People can’t wait until this thing comes through,” he said. “But it’s up to the developer. Our only involvement is when it comes into Highway 50.”


Speaking of highway projects, State Route 342 from Silver City to Virginia City opened several days earlier than expected, much to the relief of Virginia City residents and businesses.

A new, K-rail concrete guardrail has been installed along the switchback at Greiner’s bend.


The Lyon County School Board chose Riverview Elementary School as the new name for the school in the Riverpark subdivision in Dayton.

The name was nominated by Elizabeth Drayer, a Sutro Elementary student, who will receive a U.S. Savings Bond worth $100.

The other name choices were Silver Brush, offered by Josh Melia of Dayton High School; River Park by Lauren Kreck of Dayton Elementary School; River Valley by April Fuller of Dayton High School; and Desert Canyon by Ronni Weems of Dayton High School.


The laying of the foundation for the Silver City Schoolhouse Community Center is tentatively planned for 9 a.m. April 20, according to County Engineer Dick Faber.


A friendly face at the Silver City Post office will be missed now that longtime postmistress Sherry Mattei has retired.

Silver City residents threw a retirement party in the town park, complete with potluck food and live music by the Red Rose Band, which played “Return to Sender,” and “Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman,” in Mattei’s honor.

Mattei was given photos of Silver City as mementos, and fellow postal worker Gayle Sherman brought a framed poem she had written. Part of it reads:

Postmaster to an odd little town

Full of mavericks and eccentrics

Who choose to live a little north of normal

She is witness to it all.


Phil Cowee’s Diamondback Properties got the zone change they wanted from the Lyon County commissioners. The plan is to convert some of their land in Mound House from industrial to commercial, multi-family residential an single-family residential with mobile home park overlay.

Next step is to bring in the tentative map.


Speaking of tentative maps, allowing a waiver of the tentative map requirement left the commissioners no choice but to approve a final map for Brad and Sherry Smith, who want to divide their 307.710 acres at Highway 50 and Break-A-Heart Road, Stagecoach, into large parcels.

Commissioner Bob Milz voted against the waiver.

The commissioners voted on the final map immediately after the waiver of the tentative map was approved, and could find no legal grounds to deny the map, even though the commissioners were concerned about drainage and road quality issues.

NRS requires a road be fit for emergency vehicles, but the commissioners wanted the road upgraded for all vehicles. However, Rob Loveberg, Lyon County Planning Director, said they couldn’t force a landowner to upgrade a road that does not front his or her property, and part of Break-A-Heart, which intersects with Highway 50, does not front the Smiths’ property.

“We’re boxed in; the state has put us in this position,” Milz said. “And we did it to ourselves when we approved the waiver.”