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Walk with the ghosts

Becky Bosshart
BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Mary Bennett, right, walks with Adam Machart, during the funeral procession for Abe Curry during the Ghost Walk in downtown Carson City. Bennett portrayed Mary Curry while Machart played the part of his son.

Never believed in ghosts? The 12th Annual Ghost Walk along the Kit Carson Trail may change your mind.

Candace Duncan, Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director, said visitors will have a choice of two tours on Oct. 23. Ghost hunters, or just curious family members brought along for the ride, will visit five historic homes on each tour.

“They like it because they get to go inside historic homes and see costumed guides and characters and hear the ghost stories,” she said.

The Captain’s Walk tour

Visitors will walk through the newly renovated Brougher-Bath House, open to the public for the first time. A live seance will call on the spirits of past residents to appear. The tour will also visit the Rinckle Mansion – inhabited by the ghost of Louise Rinckle – and the Ferris Mansion and the Esser House. The spirit of stagecoach driver Hank Monk will make appearances along the tour, according to the visitors bureau.

The Widow’s Walk tour

Visitors will walk through the Bliss Mansion and the Bender House, where they will hear a reincarnation tale. The tour continues on to the Norcross House, Springmeyer House and the Edward House, featuring the housekeeping ghost. The Stuart Nye House is the final stop, where the owners have a few tales of recent visits by ghostly guests. The Nevada Gunfighters will make a special appearance during the walk to re-enact a stagecoach holdup, according to the visitors bureau.

This popular event usually sells out, so museum staff recommend purchasing advance tickets.

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