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Wandering Polar Bear returned back home

Don Quilici

Late last week, a wandering Polar Bear, very far from its usual home, was seen on the Dempster Highway, which runs from Dawson City, Yukon to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.

The bear was on the highway near Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories.

Fort McPherson is about 90 miles south of Inuvik, which is about 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

The bear was roughly 150 miles south of the Arctic Ocean coastline and then another 200 miles to the pack ice. So, it was approximately 350 miles south of where it should be, at this time of the year, chasing seals.

It was successfully caught in a live trap, taken by truck to Inuvik and then by helicopter to the edge of the polar ice, where it was set free.