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Werewolf cats on the prowl

By Kathleen Williams-Miller
Louie is a four-month-old male lykoi (werewolf). We suspect that he is a natural lykoi, because he was a feral cat. He is adorable but is not quite ready for fostering or adoption. If you read about lykoi, you can see many of those characteristics in Louie’s photo. Oh, what big ears he has and that wolfish face is perfect. If you are interested in Louie, call CAPS at 423-7500 for details.

Watson here and I bet my shocking headline caught your eye. Yes, right here in Fallon we have werewolf cats. In fact, we have one at CAPS. Lykoi’s are a relatively new breed of cat. Lykoi is a Greek word that translates to wolf cat which is why they are called werewolf cats.

In 2010, several kittens found in feral litters had a strange werewolf look. Upon investigation, they all had a rare recessive gene. Bred with domestic black cats, they created the new Lykoi breed. Cat Fancier’s Association now officially recognizes the Lykoi breed. They are very rare.

Considered a partially hairless breed, some appear to be fully haired while others are almost bald. In most Lykois, there is no true undercoat and parts of the body such as the eyes, chin, nose muzzle, and behind the ears are hairless.

Breeders actively select for black cats, but due to the recessive gene mutation colors vary. Lykoi’s can actually change colors. After molting during the winter season, the new hair changes slightly from the original color.

Lykoi are not particularly large cats, but males are larger than females. Their bodies are lean and strong with tails shorter than their bodies. Their ears are tall, wide set, and pointed. Because Lykoi cats are derivatives of feral cats, they retain their strong prey drive. Most Lykoi enjoy stalking their cat toys, other pets, and people.

They are high-energy and active. Although they don’t mind being petted and scratched, they really prefer to be busy doing things on their own to-do list. In new situations, they are cautious but quickly warm up to new people and pets.

As I told you, werewolf cats are here in Fallon and just in time for Halloween. I wonder if they howl at the moon? I wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

XOXO Watson


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