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What do you want in your newspaper?

Kirk Caraway
Internet Editor

We received some good news this month. The Nevada Appeal was one of only 63 daily newspapers in the country, and the only one in Nevada, to gain in circulation, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

And while we are doing pretty well, the rest of the industry is losing serious ground. This has caused great consternation, as editors and publishers desperately try to find the winning formula for stopping this slide.

One way we hope to stay ahead is to constantly ask our readers right here what they want to see in their newspaper. After all, you are the ones reading this. If you think we should be doing something different, let us know.

Let’s start right now. What do you think is the most important issue that you haven’t seen covered? We’ve heard all about Hillbillies and wild horses. What is the hidden problem that flies under the radar? Please leave your comments.

Thank you. We couldn’t do this without you.