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What is local?

Kirk Caraway
Internet Editor

One question that all local newspapers deal with every day is what is local?

From some of the recent comments, there are a couple of readers who don’t think that stories about the Mustang Ranch are local enough for a Carson City newspaper.

It is true that this brothel is a lot closer to Reno than to Carson City, so it is reasonable to think that coverage of it should rest with our neighbors to the north, unless the Appeal plans to start covering other events in Reno as well.

But, there are a couple of local angles here. One, the story in question was the result of a Storey County Commissioners meetings in Virginia City, which is a part of the Appeal coverage area. I think the folks in VC wouldn’t be too happy if we suddenly stopped reporting on them. The brothels pay a pretty good share of that county’s budget.

In addition, we also have the brothels next door in Mound House, an area the Appeal also covers. What happens to the Mustang Ranch does have an effect on these establishments.

While a few readers may not want to read about the trials and tribulations of the Mustang Ranch, they seem to be in a minority. Any story with the word brothel in it usually garners high interest, at least on the web.

So, you will probably see more stories on this subject, but perhaps in the future we will try and do a better job of explaining why this is of local interest.