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What’s it like to be really drunk?

Staff report
Chad Lundquist/Nevada Appeal Teachers Sarah Piggott, ninth-grade math, and Gary Casselman, ninth-grade science, have pies thrown at them by students during a Stand Tall Don't Fall Alcohol Awareness event last Friday at Carson High School.

On Friday, the Carson High Stand Tall Don’t Fall Club gave students at Carson High School the opportunity to experience alcohol impairment by using “drunk goggles” that mimic what it’s like to have blood-alcohol content levels from 0.10 to 0.25.

The legal driving limit in Nevada is 0.08.

Students on their lunch break volunteered to put on special impairment goggles and drive scooters around cones, complete a maze, carry raw eggs, throw pies at teachers and more.

“This sends out the message that when you drink, you’ll do everything wrong,” said sophomore Jae Chun, 15, who watched the fun in Senator Square.

To demonstrate the difference in performance level during activities, one student was designated the sober student and the other was the “drunk dummy” wearing the goggles.

“I don’t think drinking is good,” said Jae, who said he’s never drank. “I think it’s stupid. It makes everyone stupid.”

Stand Tall Don’t Fall featured the lunchtime event as part of Alcohol Awareness Month, which is dedicated to educating the community about the effects of underage drinking.

Senator Square was packed, and students also watched from both the first story and the second story overhead.

“There’s nothing else to do during lunch,” Jae said. “It was fun to watch.”

Stand Tall Don’t Fall clubs encourage youth to be independent in thought and action when making decisions related to drinking. Alcohol Awareness Month is a time to change these norms surrounding underage drinking among youth, parents and the community.

All Stand Tall activities are supported through the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws project, a national initiative funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.