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What’s under your tree? How about a healthier you

Jerry Vance
Special to the Appeal

All your gifts are wrapped and mailed. By now you have opened those presents that were under your Christmas tree. What did you find in those packages?

What you should have found is health. That isn’t an impossible Christmas wish. Wellness and Health Fairs can be a part of your Christmas giving this year. They’re available for everyone and can be a good start toward good health in 2008. The health you wish for isn’t just for you – there are a lot of family members that fit into that wish too.

It means yearly check-ups, and continued healthy living practices.

Wish for the kind of lifestyle that promotes good health, one that leaves time for relaxation, stimulation and activity. Stress is a large factor in the breakdown of daily health. It causes high blood pressure, smoking, increased consumption of alcohol and binge eating. All reasons to work on relieving stress.

Wish for the ability to be active. There is nothing like getting outdoors and enjoying a fitness activity that clears your head and revs up your heart. Your active lifestyle can involve your family and they will benefit too.

What you don’t want to find under the tree is the extra 20 pounds you found under the tree last year. Or the piece of exercise equipment that you hang your clothes on at night. Or the box of cookies you are hiding from the kids.

This Christmas, include a little health under that tree. There are a lot of ways to give that gift. Sports and exercise equipment, fitness classes, swimming, biking, golfing, the list is endless. Total well being and good health means good nutrition and lots of good old-fashioned exercise.

Get yourself involved in a program of good health for yourself and your family this Christmas. You’ll need to include an honest look at your eating habits and a constant form of activity. Here’s hoping by next Christmas there will be a little less of you and a much more healthy body to welcome in the New Year.

• Jerry Vance is the owner of Sweat Shop/Wet Sweat. She offers classes through the Carson City Recreation and Aquatics Center and is a fitness instructor for the Carson City Senior Citizens Center.