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Where should a new rec center go?

While Carson City’s recreation officials and commissioners go back and forth over where a new public rec center should be built, and look for a perfect site that probably doesn’t exist, the parks department is trying to gauge what kind of things should go inside the thing.

Parks commissioner Tom Patton organized and mobilized the local racquetball community to lobby for new courts because, he said, he knew these people were out there and knew they were under-served, because he’s one of them.

So, parks officials know about racquetball; they got around 100 pro-racquetball letters and several dozen players showed up to voice their desires at a recent public hearing. Commissioners couldn’t help but take note of the desire for new courts in a room packed shoulder to shoulder with loud, racquet-weilding lobbyists.

But what about other desires or needs? What should go into the building that could become the rec department’s crown jewel?

Parks officials have said the basketball courts in Carson City schools are booked solid while the leagues continue to grow. Do we need more cager venues? What else do we need?

Tell us. We want to know. What do you want to see in a new recreation center?