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White supremacist skinheads accused of temple bombing

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RENO, Nev. – The suspects in an attempted fire bombing of a Reno synagogue are being described as a loosely knit group of white supremacist skinheads. But police say the six don’t appear to have any formal affiliation to organized hate groups in the region.

”We know there are skinheads and strong believers in this area. But through investigation, we saw nothing to indicate they have any organized front where they were having regular meetings,” said Lt. Jake Wiskerchen, commander of the Reno police gang unit.

”There are just a number of people that believe that same philosophy and they network,” he said.

The group of skinheads arrested in connection with the recent fire bombing of the Jewish had only a loose affiliation with each other.

One lives in Sacramento on the weekends and works in Reno during the week. Two others were described as drifters, staying with white-supremacist supporters in the Reno, Auburn and the Sacramento area.

”The white power, white supremacist attitude is the only thing common among them,” Wiskerchen said. ”They never claimed to be affiliated with any national or regionally based group. For us, the fact they got together and were able to do something aggressive and violent, it was unique to this area.”

Two of the suspects, Daniel Austin McIntosh, 19, and Carl Barry De Amicis, 25, are scheduled to enter pleas Tuesday in federal court in Reno.

They were arrested in the Sacramento area two weeks ago at McIntosh’s father’s home. Police described the two as unemployed drifters, who stayed with white supremacist supporters in the Reno, Sacramento and Auburn, Calif., areas.

The most serious charge they face is using a destructive device during a violent enhancement, punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

Other charges include making and possession of a destructive device, bombing and aiding and abetting.

Others arrested in connection with the bombing:

– Scott Cody Hudson, 23, who was on probation and lived in the Sacramento area but came to Reno to work in construction. He would stay at the Sundowner Motel during the week and became involved with the other members of the group while in Reno, police said.

– Christopher Scott Hampton, 22, and Joshua Andrew Kudlacek, 18, who live in the Reno’s north valleys. Hampton also is employed in construction.

– Jonna Stewart, 17, also was arrested in connection with the crime and is a home-school student in Reno.