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‘Why I play in band’

Hasum Rivera, 10, a fifth-grade student at Seeliger Elementary School, walks to music class at the school on Friday. BRAD HORN/ Nevada Appeal

Editor’s Note: Fifth-grade students at Al Seeliger Elementary School were asked this week about why they play in the band. The band will perform a concert at 7 p.m. Wednesday with a selection of folk and holiday songs. The following are some of the student essays:

The band concert is next week. I feel scared but excited! Band is fun. I learned a lot of stuff. Like tempos, how to conduct, and a lot more. I couldn’t have done it without Mrs. (Mary) Law though! She’s the best! She influenced me to play the clarinet because we played recorders last year. If Mrs. Law wasn’t here I wouldn’t even probably join! I’m glad I did though! Band has taught me not to give up when you can’t learn something, like a note. I think everyone should try an instrument. Band is just something I love.

– Joanna Berlinska

Hi. My name is Jennifer Huckabay and I’m going to tell you what it’s like being in band and about the upcoming concert. Well, to start there’s eight instruments being played. The instruments are the drums, flute (which is what I play), clarinet, saxophone, tenor saxophone, French horn, trombone and trumpet. A lot of instruments are being played at one time, that’s for sure! Plus, we have to learn lots of fingerings, how time signatures work, and different tempos. A tempo is how fast the beat is and a time signature is what tells you how many beats are in a measure. And that is pretty much how band works.

The upcoming concert is going to be here at Seeliger School in the gym. There will be soloists performing and the whole band is probably playing about ten songs. We’re going to be dressed up in formal band clothing (black on bottom and white on top). There are probably about 60 people who are going to be playing in it. If you want to know the song we’re playing you might want to come to the concert. Unless it’s televised, you won’t find out.

– Jennifer Huckabay

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I’m in band because I think it is as fun as riding an elephant. And my brother used to play the clarinet. My whole family loves music. I love music because it’s soothing (sometimes). And I love the music we play because it’s challenging, and we always rush. And we always just try, try again!

– Nicole Garra

Hi! My name is Nick Pembrook, I play the trumpet. The trumpet is a hard thing to play, especially for me, because I have braces. I picked the worst possible instrument for my teeth. It was hard for me to play high notes because of these braces. My music teacher wanted me to play the baritone because of this problem. But, I said no thanks, I had to really work hard to play right, and look at me now, I play like a pro.

I have a concert soon, I will be playing in a trio with two of my friends, Nick Mohlenkamp and Meghan Sparks. They both play the trumpet, we’re playing “Up Upon The Housetop,” it’ll be great. The concert is going to be cool, so come watch me on Dec. 13, at Seeliger Elementary School. There will be more, we’re playing about 13 songs and six solos, duets and trios. So come!

– Nick Pembrook

I play clarinet! I am in band because I enjoy playing. I also think that if you like playing an instrument or you haven’t tried you’d like it too. You’ll have a lot of fun! I met great friends and I’m planning to play next year. If you’d like to see our band play come to our concert Dec. 13, 7 p.m., Seeliger School. I guarantee you will like what you see. At the beginning of last year I didn’t want to play but once I saw everyone playing and enjoying I knew I wanted to play. Part of the reason I love playing is because of my teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Law. Hopefully I’ll see you at the band concert.

– Natalie Echeverria Steel

See the band

What: Seeliger Fifth Grade Band concert, a collection of folk and holiday songs

When: 7 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Seeliger multipurpose room, 2800 S. Saliman Road

Call: 283-2200