Winter Solstice will occur Friday |

Winter Solstice will occur Friday

Don Quilici

The Winter Solstice will occur in the Northern Hemisphere on Friday, Dec. 21.

On that date, there are exactly 24 hours of darkness along the Arctic Circle and also on this date, objects cast their shortest shadows of the year.

Beginning Saturday, Dec. 22, the days slowly, but surely, are going to get longer.

The good news is that summer will finally be on its way back. The bad news is that the worst part of winter is still ahead of us.

So, be thankful that you do not live in the Far North, where it is bitter cold and pitch black, 24 hours a day, at this time of the year.

Here are some highs from yesterday: Barrow Alaska -4 degrees, Prudhoe Bay Alaska -10 degrees, Eureka Canada -11 degrees, Resolute Bay Canada -20 degrees and Alert Canada -27 degrees.