Winters honored by Lyon commissioners |

Winters honored by Lyon commissioners

Karen Woodmansee

The late JohnD Winters was memorialized by the Lyon County Commissioners at their meeting last week as a man who did a great deal for both Carson City and Lyon County.

Winters died March 30 at the age of 97.

“He will be sorely missed,” said Commissioner Bob Milz, “He dealt with water issues and he spent his life trying to get a dam in Lyon County.”

Milz said Winters will be honored at the Legislature on May 8.

Winters was called a philanthropist, water resource conservation activist and fourth-generation Nevadan in the resolution, which Milz said was written by State Archivist Guy Rocha.


Ronald Stock, the city manager of Leesburg, Fla., who has applied for the Lyon County manager position, is also applying for a position as city manager for Farmington, N.M.

According to the Farmington Daily Times in an April 15 article, Stock told city officials he wanted to “come home” to the West.

He said he was also moving because of political strife, and that he didn’t have the full support of the city council, who blamed him for increasing debt. His contract is scheduled to be reviewed by the that council at the end of this month.

According to the Daily Times article, officials are divided in their opinions of Stock, with some applauding his vision for the city.

Stock is not the only candidate to have more than one resume circulating. Fellow candidate Lionel Bushey II was a finalist for the Nye County Manager job that went to Barbara Blumenfield.


Lyon County Utilities Director Mike Workman said the new agreement between Vidler Co. and Carson City to provide water to Lyon County was “exciting.”

He said the appropriation of Buzzy’s Ranch by Vidler Co. will help both Carson City and Lyon County – Carson because it needs the ranch as open space and Lyon because it needs more water, especially in cases of emergency.

Workman said the Linehan Road fire, which started in Mound House but quickly moved to Carson City, got the entities talking about a pipeline that would move water back and forth from Carson City to Lyon County when the need is great.

It will also help provide water for the Traditions development in Dayton, Workman said.


Sheriff Allen Veil and Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties head Christy McGill are teaming up to fight juvenile crime.

Veil said Healthy Communities received a $140,000 grant to support substance abuse programs and projects. The group decided that a community resource deputy in the sheriff’s office to help enforce underage drinking laws and perform checks on sales to minors was the best use of the grant. The Lyon County Commissioners on April 19 approved the program.

“Prevention is the key point to fighting substance abuse,” Veil said. “We need to have a plan in place to be considered for future grants.”

Veil said the new deputy would use an older former sheriff’s department car and would most likely work out of Dayton.

“It really takes a proactive approach to prevention,” McGill said.

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