Year marked by adversity and overcoming |

Year marked by adversity and overcoming

Kelsey Dockery
For the Appeal

Disagreement, breakthrough, laughter, and tears: all words that describe this last semester of leadership. So many things happened that I never expected walking into student council.

After much conflict with Winterfest, it seemed like the unity of our leadership class was slowly unraveling. There was tension between advisor and student, student and administration, even advisor and administration. There was so much negativity growing within one small class, there was no room to focus on what really mattered – making a difference in our school, making it better and bringing out the spirit that has been hiding in each and every one of us.

The realization finally set in that it was time to stop thinking about the past, and start thinking about the future, our school, and the legends we hoped to leave behind. Now that the seniors have graduated, it is time for us, the juniors, to take responsibility and not only lead the class to success, but the school and the community as well.

To end the negativity and make a fresh start, the whole class finally came together to finish our school beautification project. The concrete CHS at the north end of the school has never been painted in the many years it has been at our school. After our rival school, Douglas, painted it their school colors as a prank, our class decided that it was finally time to paint it our bright royal blue. It was our way of showing the school we have spirit, and we want the rest of the school to have spirit as well.

This project took many weeks of hard work and communication, and it is one of the few things this semester were we all came together to do something great for our school. This is something that will be there for years to come, and it is something that will set the bar for next year and years to come.

With help from our new advisor, Jennifer Tartan, we hope to make next year a great and unforgettable one.

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• Kelsey Dockery is the public relations officer for Carson High School’s student council.