Youth club participates in Friendship Rock Project |

Youth club participates in Friendship Rock Project

Fallon Youth Club members work on their Friendship Rock project.
FYC group

The Fallon Youth Club members participated in a Friendship Rock Project under the direction of volunteer and project leader Kieran Kalt and presented the painted rocks to the Fallon Police Department to distribute in the park behind City Hall and in other local parks.

The rocks are painted with friendship messages then sealed. Other rocks have been presented to fire fighters and teachers as well as Oats Park, Laura Mills Park and Pioneer Park.

Kalt, a retired local teacher did the project during her class before retirement, then continued as a volunteer at the Fallon Youth Club. Officer Sam Ugalde and Officer Zach Jacobs were in attendance and were presented with the rocks. Jacobs was a staff member at the club for years as he attended high school, Western Nevada College and between working schedules with the school district until he became a police officer. He is now assigned as a school safety officer for the police department.

The rocks have messages of hope or inspiration that when found may trigger additional forms of friendship. They may be found and taken home to share or provide a desire to continue the project by making their own rocks to distribute at local parks or business.

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