Sheri Lynn Nikkels

March 28, 1960 - October 1, 2022

Sheri Lynn Nikkels passed away suddenly after suffering from a brief illness on the evening of Saturday, October 1st. She was a loving wife, mother, and daughter.

Sheri was sick with MS for 32 years, which she fought through with the help of her wonderful, supportive husband, Robert Nikkels.

Regardless of the disease, Sheri was a resilient fighter and made it through many MS flare-ups. She was not defined by this horrible disease, but she devoted herself to her God, Jehovah, and her family.

Even though she was not able to take part in traditional family outings or trips, Sheri Nikkels had a love of life and imparted this sentiment to those that knew her.

Sheri is no longer suffering from a debilitating disease, but awaits the resurrection hope that she held so dear.

We should all strive to make the most out of life and have compassion for others as she did.

Sheri is survived by her husband, Robert Nikkels, mother Irvina “Hank” Echols, daughter Michele Hastings, son-in-law Andrew Hastings, sister-in-law Nikki Trombo, her husband Tony, and daughter Sarah.