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Carson City Happy Hours

The capital city is a place where people work hard and play hard. The local restaurants oblige with a full complement of Carson City happy hour specials. Some Carson City restaurants and bars keep the same specials throughout the week so you can be confident of what will be on the happy hour menu when you walk through the door. These go to drink and appetizer specials can last for several hours each day and into the evening. Other times, Carson City restaurants will have a special treat as their daily drink or special. This is where it really pays to be in the loop of Carson City happy hours. Sometimes this will mean checking out the spots on the outskirts as well as the restaurants and bars in the booming, historic, downtown district. But if you really work out the timing, you can manage to go through the whole afternoon and evening enjoying drinks and appetizers throughout Carson City with our happy hour specials. You’ll be able to take your whole group of friends out for an after-work gathering and still stay well within your entertainment budget. With all of the incredible Carson City happy hour specials, it can be hard to keep track of what's what. Lucky for you our Carson City happy hour feed has you covered.