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2003 trophy fish deadline for Nevada is Friday

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

By Don Quilici

Did you catch a very nice fish, somewhere in Nevada in 2003?

Could it be a trophy fish?

Could it be even be a new state record for Nevada?

If so, here is a final reminder that you need to submit a Trophy Fish application to the Nevada Department of Wildlife by no later than Friday, in order to qualify for a Trophy Fish Certificate for 2003 or to be a new Nevada State Record holder.

The largest entry of the year in each species of fish receives a Record Nevada Fish Certificate.

Trophy Fish Plaques are awarded to those entries which establish a new record fish for Nevada.

For a fish to be considered in the Nevada Trophy Fish Program, the following rules apply:

1. The fish must be taken legally from Nevada waters.

2. The weight is to be taken of whole fish before freezing.

3. Length is to be measured from tip of nose to tip of tail.

4. The measurements must be witnessed by at least two other persons, at least one of whom must not be a relative of angler entering the contest.

5. The angler must provide positive means of identifying the species of fish and include an adequate photograph.

6. The entry must be made within calendar year of date caught to be included in that year’s contest.

7. If the fish being entered is a possible Nevada State Record, the fish must be weighed on a scale which has been certified as accurate.

The fish must be witnessed by a Nevada Department of Wildlife employee.

For information, call the Nevada Department of Wildlife at 688-1500 during business hours.