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4A softball schedules need fixing

Darrell Moody

I certainly hope that the schedule makers for 4A softball come to their senses before next spring.

The schedule that awaits the Carson softball team is ridiculous – four league games in five days – because people have a screw loose.

Up until this season, Saturday softball was always doubleheaders, and this year that hasn’t always been the case. Softball should be all doubleheaders even if it means getting out of school a little early. It’s a quick game, and you can do two games in four hours, including a 20-minute break between games. I know because I’ve umpired 4A softball.

I know that each team plays its 10 opponents twice during the seaon. Is there any reason at all why you can’t, for instance, play two Douglas games at Carson one year and then reverse it the following year?

I can understand baseball going away from doublehaders because I’ve had to sit through 3-hour seven-inning baseball games before, but softball is a different animal. Rarely have I seen a 7-inning game last more than two hours.

Come on people, think outside the box and fix the problem. Oh wait, I’m in Nevada and I’ve learned that thinking out of the box when it comes to high school athletics doesn’t really work here. Oh well, a person can hope.


With postseason track about to start, it’s time to rail against the track coaches in the state.

First of all, track should be lumped together regardles of classification. Track is an individual sport, and even small-school athletes can compete with large-school opponents. It’s the way California does it, and it works well for the Golden State.

I look at this year’s post-season schedule and just shake my head. The regional finals are being held on May 5 and the finals on May 12. Does there really need to be a week in between? NO!!!!.

Carson coach Robert Maw believes that will be changed soon, maybe as early as next year.

Here’s a suggestion to 4A coaches. Let the High Desert League have a meet, whether it be one day or two, and determine its entrants to the regional meet. The Sierra League schools would do the same.

Either way, the regionals should be a Friday-Saturday situation. You have to run back-to-back days at state, and the athletes here need to get used to that.


Carson’s softball and baseball teams are heading into the final week of the regular season with three-game winning streaks.

It’s critical for the baseball team to go no worse than 2-2 this week against Galena and Manogue, which should be enough to solidify a home playoff game in the first round. The top four teams will host first-round games.

The Senators proved to be very opportunistic against Douglas which led to two wins. If you put the ball in play good things can happen.

The softball team has been pounding the ball with Emily Collins, Lindsey Ashbaugh, Jen Purcell, Christa McGahuey and Danielle Morrow doing most of the damage. Ellise McGowan and Rebekah Breuer have also come up with some cluch knocks. Ditto for Kandis Tuttle and Hannah Winder.

Carson needs to do a better job of playing small ball and running the bases. The Senators have had some issues moving people around via the bunt, and that needs to improve, and baserunning mistakes against Manogue cost Carson a chance at a split against the Miners.