All-around athlete prepares for graduation |

All-around athlete prepares for graduation

Adam Robertson
Fallon's Kobe Abe tries to pin Virgin Valley's Dayden Payne in the semifinals at Spanish Springs High School.

Whether its running a play on the football field, racing down a swim lane or boxing, Churchill County senior Kobe Abe has plenty of athletic talent.

In swimming Abe has already qualified for several regional events. So far, he is able to compete in the 200-yard, 100-yard and 50-yard freestyle. Fallon swim coach Ken Grimes said he feels Abe has a good shot at moving into the finals in some events.

Where Abe’s heart truly lies, and what’s acted as the inspiration for all his other athletic pursuits, is wrestling.

Abe said he started wrestling when he was 8 years old. He grew up around the sport and it was something his dad always wanted him to do. He added football was a natural second sport, using many of the same skills.

“My dad kind of thought that,” Abe said, adding that he started the sport at 10. “He put me in football right away as soon as I got into wrestling.”

The senior took up swimming in his sophomore year as a way to stay in shape during the spring and summer.

“I think Kobe likes to do the swimming because it conditions him for other sports, and he’s good at it,” Grimes said. “It helps with his conditioning, breathing ability, flexibility, all good things for the other things he does.”

The coach also said Abe is a good athlete who works hard at everything he does. He said the senior is coachable and does everything that’s asked of him.

“He does an excellent job,” Grimes said. “I wish I’d had him every year.”

Most recently, apart from swimming, Abe was also involved in this year’s Night of Fights, winning the main event. He said he knew he would be in the top event, but was uncertain what the outcome would be.

“It was good to help contribute to something that was a lot bigger than I am,” Abe said of the fundraising efforts. “It felt good being able to contribute and bring in fans; doing what I normally do, I guess.”

In the end, Abe won his match in the first round after his opponent forfeited due to concerns his braces were broken by a punch.

Abe said he’s a little scared about the idea of graduating. He noted he has gone to school in the same city for 12 years — going to a new school in a new city and state means moving away from Fallon and finding a new place on his own.

“I have to go to Colorado and find an apartment or a dorm,” he said. “Hopefully everything goes the way I want it to.”

Abe plans to attend Johnson and Wells University in Colorado this fall. He said he hopes to pursue their wrestling team, but isn’t sure about football.

He plans to major in culinary arts.

Abe especially wanted to thank his dad for his time and success in Greenwave sports. He said he probably would not have joined any sports without that support and inspiration.

“He was a big part of all the athletics I’m in, a big part of how I am now and he’s basically my reason for going on every day,” Abe said.