All I want for Christmas is… |

All I want for Christmas is…

Christmas is almost here and while the masses flood the stores, both in person and online, it’s one of the best times of the year.

And while it’s easy to ask Santa for every team to win a state championship and for all the athletes to be named to the all-state team, that’s just unfair and unreasonable to ask of Saint Nick, especially a few days away from Christmas.

Instead, I’m hoping Santa will grant this community with more Division I commitments and continued exposure with Oasis Academy in the NIAA next year.

The Otuafi cousins, juniors Leta and Lani, are Fallon’s best chance at playing at the Division I level after they graduate.

If you haven’t seen them play yet, you’re in for a show. Their club experience continues to give Anne Smith’s team the edge in the 3A this year and nothing would be sweeter, outside of another state title, for the pair to sign with a Division I school.

Watching these two play at Lawlor Events Center would be a dream come true for the community but they’re more than qualified to handle the competition of Division I.

For the boys, the Greenwave’s best shot at college’s highest division is Sean McCormick, who became the third Fallon wrestler to nab All-American honors at the Reno Tournament of Champions.

The three-sport athlete was electric on the football field and showed his versatility by stepping in as quarterback when Elijah Jackson went down. McCormick’s also strong on the baseball field and is on his way to being one of the school’s best three-sport athletes. Ever.

McCormick could follow in his family’s footsteps and attend Carroll, a respectable NAIA school in Montana, but don’t count him out from playing at the Division I or II level.

Fallon has been a staple with the smaller colleges, producing many athletes who go on to have great careers at the next level. Don’t be surprised, though, if you see the number of Division I commitments go up in the next couple of years.

Oasis Academy made headlines this year when it announced it would compete in the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association in cross country, volleyball, basketball and softball.

The Bighorns aren’t officially in a league and are considered an independent at this time, competing against other 1A schools as well as JV programs in the region. Known for its lacrosse program, Oasis has given an opportunity for its student to compete in sports at a recognized level although its teams cannot compete for league, region or state titles — yet.

The girls basketball team is already making noise this season with an undefeated record while the boys program is holding on with limited resources due to injuries. But the spring is where this school has thrived with lacrosse, which could be a sanctioned sport soon.

All you can ask for is that the Bighorns have the same opportunity as the other schools, especially charter. In time, they will be able to compete for the same recognition as its big sister, the Greenwave.

Fallon is an oasis of sports talent and continues to show every year with the Greenwave and now the Bighorns grabbing headlines at both the local and state levels. Next year should be a great year for Fallon and it’ll be even sweeter if Saint Nick is able to put together a couple of last-minute gifts.

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