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Smashmouth is taking a break today as I will try to provide some perspective concerning our coverage of high school football.

First, we received an anonymous call more than a month ago leaving a message that in effect we had the Carson High football stats all wrong and made the Carson kids look like expletive.

Second, I just looked at our Web site and found 120 responses to the story on the Carson-South Tahoe football game.

I found that odd until I saw that the responses were basically on the coverage Carson has received versus Dayton.

It seems this all started because while I placed the Carson-South Tahoe game story on the Web site with photo, I didn’t do the same for the Dayton-Truckee game story.

Not making sure the Dayton-Truckee game story was placed on the Web site was an oversight on my part and I apologize for that.

This has also reminded me that what’s placed on the Web site is becoming just as important as what’s put in print.

But sometimes I think we lose perspective. So here’s a stat I would like all of us to think about: There have been 72 American service members who have died this month in Iraq.

Maybe that will give us all some more perspective.