Body position through the golf swing |

Body position through the golf swing

How you swing the golf club is largely dependant upon your body position throughout the swing.

Since we are most concerned about the club at impact it stands to reason that we should work on the body position through impact and to the finish. The finish position is a great reference point, it is a reflection of what has gone before. At impact the hips have moved laterally to a point over the left foot. A line across the hips is pointing slightly to the left of the target. The right knee has moved in towards the left and the left knee has begun to straighten.

The right heel is off the ground a little and has also moved in. Your belt buckle should be at least three or four inches in front of the ball’s start position. Your chest should be facing the ball with your shirt buttons on top of (covering) the ball or slightly ahead. At impact a line across the shoulders should point to or slightly to the left of the target.

The hands are a few inches ahead of the start position at impact. This helps us to establish the desired descending blow training us to lead the club head into the ball, essential to consistent ball striking.

At impact most of the weight (At least 70 percent) should be on the front foot, as we complete the swing from impact to the finish position the body simply rotates around the front foot to face the target. At the completion of the swing the weight is entirely on the front foot and the body is facing the target. The height has increased to relieve pressure on the back.

Practice this at home with the use of a mirror. Practice without a club by folding the arms across the shoulders and rehearse the impact position. From this position continue to rotate to the finish.

Once you have developed a feel for this drill without a club simply add the club. This is great practice to help develop the desired instinctive golf swing.

Terry Gingell, PGA professional, is the Director of Instruction at Genoa Lakes Golf Club and Resort. For information regarding Junior Golf Camps and Summer Sports Camps, call Terry, 690-7970.