Bonneville trout find new home |

Bonneville trout find new home

Don Quilici

According to a press release from the Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW), a total of 101 Bonneville cutthroat trout were recently released into Deep Creek in Nye County.

The release was a cooperative effort by NDOW and Trout Unlimited.

Deep Creek is located near Nayala on the west side of the Quinn Canyon Mountain range.

Trout for the plant came from Goshute Creek in White Pine County.

Approximately 30 of the trout were juveniles about one inch in size while the others measured 4-10 inches.

Primarily found in the Bonneville Basin of Utah, the range of the Bonneville cutthroat extends into Idaho and Wyoming as well as Nevada.

Prior to recent relocation efforts such as the one at Deep Creek, the only Bonneville cutthroat trout found in the State of Nevada were in the Snake Mountain Range in the eastern part of the state.

While recreational fishing is permitted at Deep Creek, NDOW encourages anglers to avoid the creek for a few years to give the trout plenty of time to increase their population.

For information, call the Nevada Division of Wildlife at 688-1500 during business hours.