Boros, Herron dominate group in another way |

Boros, Herron dominate group in another way

Jeremy Evans

RENO — Hidemichi Tanaka barely fits into his size 28 pants because sometimes they are too big. During the first two rounds of the Reno-Tahoe Open it was obvious Tanaka could get lost in the the pant legs of either of his playing partners. Guy Boras, who’s at 7-under going into the third round, wears size 42 pants and Tim Herron, the current second round leader at 10-under, wears a size 39. However, Herron pointed out he was creeping back down the size chart earlier this season.

“I was down to a 38,” said Herron, who’s known on tour for his shapely figure. “I work out trying to stay somewhat in shape. It’s not like walking a golf course.”

Herron would know since his threesome was forced to play 32 holes on Friday, 14 of which were make-up holes from Thursday’s first round, which was suspended because of rain. Tanaka, who is at 2-under going into today’s third round, didn’t seem to mind all the walking. The 140-pounder was the only of his partners not breathing hard after finishing their round.


PGA Tour rules official Dillard Pruitt was responsible Friday for changing the hole locations on the greens between the first and second rounds. But since the rounds were played only minutes apart, as oppose to more than 12 hours apart if there hadn’t been a rain delay Thursday, Pruitt was a busy man this morning. But he downplayed his role.

“To be honest, it wasn’t that bad for us. We just had to be two holes in front of that lead group.”


Dudley Hart, Mark Carnevale and John Daly all withdrew from the tournament on Friday. Daly shot an opening round 74 on Thursday and hadn’t started his second round when he withdrew. Hart and Carnevale were two of the 60+ players who were forced to continue their first rounds on Friday because play was suspended Thursday. Hart was 3-over when he withdrew after the ninth hole. Carnevale was 7-over when he withdrew after the 11th hole. On Thursday, Jeff Gallagher didn’t even show up for his tee time.


Ronnie Black had the shot of the day, then had to watch playing partner Carl Paulson hit the actual shot of the day. On the par-4 18th, Black’s third shot from the green-side rough landed one inch from the cup. Seconds later, though, Paulson holed his third shot out of the green-side bunker.


Guy Boros saw his third shot from the rough on No. 9 land two yards short of the fringe, then hit a sprinkler head and bounce on the green to within five inches. Boros, who is at 7-under for the tournament, tapped in for par.

“That’s how you played it right,” said playing partner Tim Herron, who followed the shot by sinking a 25-foot birdie putt to get to 7-under.