Boyish cowboy in saddle bronc contention |

Boyish cowboy in saddle bronc contention

Darrell Moody

RENO – When you first glance at Dusty Hausauer with his wire-rimmed glasses, you think he’s a college student not a rodeo performer.

Even at 27, he always gets carded when he buys alcohol, and he admits that a lot of his peers kid him about his boyish looks.

Hausauer scored an 85 aboard Pine Ridge to take the top score of the night in saddle bronc riding at the 90th annual Reno Rodeo Tuesday night at the Reno Livestock Events Center.

The first-round 86 puts Hausauer in excellent position to reach the finals on Saturday night. Justin Arnold currently leads the field with a 166, meaning Hausauer needs an 82 tonight to take over the top spot.

Dustin Flundra had an 82, while Samuel Kelts and Jesse Wright each posted 81s on their first rides. Josh Reynolds posted a 77.

“It was an awesome horse,” Hausauer said. “It was nice one to be able to get on. I knew I had a good horse. I just had to do my part. My traveling partner had the horse before and placed on it.”

Hausauer, who is currently ranked No. 9 in the world, was in Reno two years ago, but failed to score enough points to reach the finals. He certainly would like to change his luck.

“Things have been going good,’ Hausauer said. “I’ve been spending time in Canada, and I’ve been steadily placing.”

Hausauer drew Distant Fire for his final ride tonight, and according to his travel partner, the horse is “phenomenal”.

Kaycee Feild from Elk Ridge, Utah posted the top score in bareback with an 88 aboard Big Easy. Top-ranked Clint Cannon and his travel partner, Heath Ford, both posted 83s. Casey Colletti posted a 79.

Feild won the collegiate championship last year and finished seventh in Reno. Cannon leads the money chase over Ford by approximately $30,000.

Feilds’ horse stalled in the chute. Officials shut the chute and Big Easy came out hard.

“You just go with it, Feild said. “It’s different every time. It happens a couple of times a year. It was a nice horse to get on.”

Once again, the bull riders had a tough night, and J.W. Harris’ 91 still leads the way by a comfortable margin. Only two riders – former world champion B.J. Schumacher and Jordan Edward Hooton – recorded scores. Hooton had a 70 aboard Pogo, while Schumacher recorded a 69. The way things have developed over the first five days, those scores could make it to Saturday’s finals.

Two local barrel racers – Carson City’s Carmen Creekbaum and Dayton’s Susie Luschar – had their second performances last night. Both improved on their first-go times, but aren’t likely to cash a paycheck.

Creekbaum, who had a 19.67 at her slack session, came back with a solid 17.95. Luschar, who had a 23.35 on her first ride, was timed in 18.93. Luschar took a huge turn around the first barrel which cost her several precious seconds.

Jeanne Anderson had the best time of the night, clocking a 17.06, good for third in the second go.

World champ Lindsay Sears still leads the barrel racers with a 34.03. Sears, however, broke her leg in a freak accident up in a Canadian rodeo. Reno Rodeo officials say they have been told that she’ll be back Saturday.

Chad Masters and Fallon’s Jade Corkill remain on top in team roping with 10.7. Jake Stanley and Justin Davis were timed in 5.1, which was good for second place on the second go. With a 5.6 and a 5.1, the Corkill/Masters duo are currently second in each round. Randon Adams and JoJo Lemond are at 11.8.

Idaho cowboy Matt Shiozawa had the night’s best time, 9.6, in tie down roping which put him second overall at 19.2. Jason Vohs still leads the way with a 19.0 on two rides.