Breaking down swing mechanics |

Breaking down swing mechanics

By Carter Eckl

Studying the mechanics of the swing has been Jamie Cevallos’ passion for as long as he has been an adult.

The independent swing coach who lives in Carson was making adjustments to the swing of several MLB players just a decade ago.

After working and helping to transform the swings of players like Ben Zobrist, Raúl Ibañez and Gabe Kapler, Cevallos has spent the last several years continuing to try and master the swing mechanics of America’s pastime.

Cevallos is holding a swing clinic Friday, November 13 at Tommy’s Grandstand in Sparks from 6-7:30 p.m. where he plans to demonstrate exactly what he’s been focusing his mind on for the last two decades.

“My talk is geared toward the father’s of hitters, … and coaches,” said Cevallos. “It’s pretty in-depth. It’s not confusing, but it gets real in-depth into swing mechanics and what I’ve learned in the 20 years I’ve been obsessed with the swing and trying to figure it out.”

Cevallos admits his approach isn’t instantly grasped by everyone, but feels his years of experience have led him to discoveries that could change the game.

In doing so, the lifelong hitting coach took eight years off from teaching to make sure his approach was the best advice he could give.

“I removed myself from teaching because it’s hard to be teaching and rehashing your ideas about the swing,” said Cevallos. “Although, I’ve made this a profession, my goal is to be further along than anybody in the understanding of the swing.”

His unique methods have earned Cevallos praise from his former pupils as well as ESPN, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times.

“There’s one particular point in the swing where you need to get it right, and if you do, the rest becomes pretty simple,” said Cevallos. “It hones in on who actually had the best mechanics in baseball history.”

For those interested in attending, you can sign up online at and click ‘clinic’ to register. The clinic costs $15 and tickets must be purchased online prior to the event.

The event can also be watched virtually through Zoom with the purchase of a ticket.