Breaking track records |

Breaking track records

Adam Robertson

Churchill County Middle School’s track team had an amazing meet in Yerington last week, breaking several school records.

According to eighth-grade coach Brian McAlexander, the athletes set new records in the 4×200 relay, 1:42.53 — 52 seconds faster than the previous record. The coach also noted the record was broken while the athletes were giving bad hand-offs.

The team also broke records in the long jump, 19 feet 3 inches, and the 100-meter dash. The team scored in almost every event it participated in — the exception was the high jump where McAlexander said they had a bad day.

John Cisneros and Levi Andrews, members of the 4×200 relay team, said it felt good to set a new school record. They said they liked the idea of leaving something behind at the school and being known for something to future students. They hope to break the record again before they leave middle school and to break other school records as well.

“Records, I feel like are a challenge for me,” said Cisneros.

The athletes said they now have their sights set on breaking the record for the 200 and the mile.

McAlexander noted Macayla Matheson and Mikki McAlexander won two events for the girls. He said the younger teams had trouble scoring in events due to eligibility issues. He recalled the seventh-grade boys were only able to bring nine athletes to the Yerington meet.

The coach said he feels the younger athletes put more priority on having fun and learning the sports than on the competition and winning events.

“They’re just getting introduced,” McAlexander said. “Sure, they want to win and all that stuff, but they want to figure out how to do it (the events); learn and get better at it.”

McAlexander said he was happy with how things have been going this season. He said he wished more athletes were eligible, but added the coaches are doing good things with what they have available.

The coach is also happy with how the athletes have been comporting themselves at the meets.

“These guys have been very pleasant to be around,” he said. “I’m happy with that. I’m proud to take them to a track meet, the way they’ve been acting and conduct themselves.”

The team travels to Fernley today for another meet. McAlexander said they were looking good going in, but noted there are good athletes at the other schools in the north and the competition will be steep.